Hi my name is David Readman, singer of German band Pink Cream 69, Voodoo Circle and Tank.


Who will benefit? You! the fans will benefit from me finally being able to record my second solo album, and also be an important part of the process, being able to experience the process with youtube videos, and LIVE streams, helping with the artwork and mixing the album.

What the funds will be used for? The funds will be used to mix the album, the artwork, and to produce physical CDs that will automatically be send to the people who donated over 30 euros for the CD.

How soon you need the funds? I will need the final amount over a period of 5 months. What the support means to me? This is amazing indeed, I have already received some donations and it is truly moving to see this kind of support especially in these difficult times, thank you! I will be truly grateful to anybody who can help in any way to help me produce my album, in the end this will be also YOUR album!! It’s an expensive process to produce and make an album, sure a lot can be recorded at home these days, but to mix the album so it sounds like a million dollars and to have great artwork that’s were all the money goes.

I’ve been asked many times to make a second album, but because of financial reasons and lack of support from record companies I have decided to do it myself, and more important to keep the rights of the album and songs for myself. My first solo album was released 2007 on Frontiers records. I had worked on the songs over a period of 2 years and was finally ready to commit it to record. And finally now after 13 years I have decided to make a second album, a solo album is a very personal thing indeed. I plan to have many special guests on this album, as I did on my fist album. If you want to help me make this album that would be amazing! Here is a link to my first album: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6oEzq…​… Stay safe!

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